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      True Analytica’s services across the spectrum includes:



Biological Testing Capabilities



Chemical Testing Capabilities

Total plate count

Preservatives & Vitamins

Yeast & Mould count

Additives & Adulterants

Anaerobic count

Natural pigments, Dyes & Colorants

Sulphide reducing anaerobes

Perfumery compounds & Essential oils

Estimation of antibacterial activity

Wet chemical analysis


Pesticide residues


Antibiotic residues


Natural toxins


Volatile organic compounds


Hazardous substances




Environmental Services



Water & Waste Water Services

Ambient air quality monitoring

Packaged drinking water

Work environment monitoring

Drinking water

Stack  emission monitoring

Construction water

Environment impact assessment

Food industry water

Hazardous waste & Municipal solid waste analysis

Waste water

Soil & Sludges


Performance evaluation of ETP/Air pollution control equipments




       We uphold the highest standards in both our testing methods and our business practices,                                                                                             
          and we maintain unquestioned integrity in the reports we provide to you.

          If you cannot find a service that meets your needs, please email to



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